6 October 2007

Tim(e) to leave Germany

The dream to cycle around the world already exists for so many years now. I write "dream" - not "plan" - because I haven't been planning much until now. I know that I want to cycle all the way around. That's more or less it. For say - five, six, maybe seven years?
My bicycle, my tent, my sleepingbag and burner are ready to go... what more do I need but to start?

October 2007 - it's time to leave.
The idea is to ride from Berlin (Germany) all the way up to Tromso (Norway) this winter. At such a late time in the year, this adventure might present quite a challenge. Short days and long nights. By the time I arrive in Tromso there will be no more sunshine for the coming 2 months.

How much snowfall will there be? Which route should I take - direction Oslo and up the coast or better through Sweden along the Baltic Sea and then via Kiruna westwards?
Is my tent good enough to cope with wind and weather? Is my sleepingbag warm enough so I won't freeze during the cold polar nights?

I am 32 years old. I have no possessions but what I carry with me (plus 3 banana boxes full of photos in a cellar in Berlin).

There are many open questions. But there is no more doubt... I am leaving next week. The trip around the world finally begins!!!

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