29 October 2007

Meet the parents

When you ride a bicycle for hours on end, you somehow have a lot of time at hand to think and reflect. So I suddenly remember that during Christmas last year, my brother's girlfriend Elin talked about her parents' farm in central Sweden.
I call her and asked about the location. "It's close to Ostersund...", she says "...in theory you should pass by somewhere there very soon."

Indeed, I do. I am just a dayride away from Ostersund then. With quite strong wind from the back and a couple of extra calories from a giant pack of peanuts I arrive at the farm late in the afternoon after a 140km ride.
Now the first thing I need after not washing for more than 7 days is a good shower. But I arrive just at the right moment for milking the 70 cows. So since I already stink more than the cows ever will, Elin's mother puts me into warm clothes and takes me to the barn.

Here we go. Milking is easier than i think. Well... I am supported by a team of professionals (both cows and farmers) plus a very modern milking system.

Elin's parents have not had any problems with their milk in 23 years - for that they even received a gold medal from the King of Sweden!!!

I finally stay here for two days. The weather gets very stormy and it rains the whole time. Quite good timing.
In the end Elin comes down from Tromso to visit her family as well. What a nice surprise!

From Berlin to here it was 1300km. Full of energy and well rested I start for the second half of the journey north...

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