27 October 2007

Central Sweden

We arrived in the heart of Sweden - the region around Ostersund. Again, we enjoy a day with beautiful weather! My bike and I take a small break on the roadside. Warm tea and biscuits keep me going, my bike is happy just with the landscape.
We make around 100km to 150km every day now... the air is fresh, the forests smell like wet wood and mushrooms and once in a while we still hear and see some of the last migrating birds go south.

Up and down, up and down... I never thought I could become friends with a "road". But hey, after hundreds and hundreds of kilometers through forest, forest and more forest...
Note: the little yellow sign indicates that the E45 is a "Vorfahrtstrasse". This means that E45 goes first, everyone who intersects with the E45 has to wait. Funny enough, there was no intersection after this sign for more than 40 km...

The E45 will most probably take me all the way to the north, past Kiruna into Finland - almost another 1000 km!!!

A typical morning. I wake up on the terrace of some cottage next to a beautiful lake. The temperature is just above zero. Reluctantly, I peel myself out of the nice warm sleepingbag and get the coocker running. A big cup of fresh coffee starts my day.
After I eat, I change into my cycling clothes, all stinky and cold. Brrrrrrrrrr.
Then I pack my stuff onto the bike. After some morning excercise the new day on the road starts...

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