27 October 2007

My most beloved handlebar(s)

Some people just shook their heads when they saw my cockpit... TWO handlebars!!!
What is wrong with Tim Haus this time?
Hey! Let me tell you what... this is the best cockpit I ever ever ever had on a bike.
My bicycle already weighs two tonnes (metric) and a half, so why bother about an extra stem and handlebar?

Additionally to the racing bar (Modolo), I chose a high riser MTB bar (X-tasy) and brought them to roughly the same height. Now I installed regular cross-country-brake-levers on the MTB bar (you need spacers from 25,4mm to 26,2mm) and led the brake-cables through them... The result is fantastic!!! The handlebar(s) offers a perfect range of positions: racing for the road and wide for technical stretches. On top - where both bars touch - it is very wide, so I can comfortably rest my hands...

Try it out!

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