17 October 2007

The first days - Out of Berlin

"On the road!" After several glasses of sekt, a small convoi of bicycles leaves Berlin direction north. On such a beautiful, sunny day, I am totally euphoric and full of energy. I know that i have to start off slow to not overburden my knees. Years ago, my winter trip from Berlin to Black Forest ended in Leipzig because I had fucked up my knees in the cold. This should not repeat...

I am deeply moved by all the people who came to say good bye and to wish me luck. Thank you so much! The biggest surprise is to see my mother, who - with a broken leg - comes all the way from the south of Germany to the Brandenburger Gate!!!

The way takes me along beautiful "Alleen" - long streches of road with trees on both sides - to Neuruppin, where I arrive in the dark. After a relaxing night in the local "Strandbad" (Swimming area at the lake side) a new and equally beautiful day brings me along the Elbe-river to the infamous town of Gorleben. There are times in the year when Gorleben is far more lively than now... This makes me think of testing my winter-equipment.

All farmers in the area are busy with the popato-harvest. Big, huge machines that look as if they come straight from a science-fiction movie drive over the fields all night. I sleep in my tent on a "Deich" overlooking the Elbe-river. When I wake up in the morning, the harvester is still there... they must be working in shifts.

I ride all day along the Elbe-river, a cycling trip that I can highly recommend to everyone! Easy riding and beautiful landscape. Finally I remember that from long ago, I know some people in Lauenburg, which lies just on the border between the old GDR and DDR. From there it would be straight north to L├╝beck and Kiel where I plan to take a ferry to Scandinavia.
Why not pay them a surprise visit?

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