25 October 2007

First days in Sweden

Tim in Sweden - that's how it looks like...
The weather is fantastic compared with what I expected! Light clouds and sometimes I can even see bits of blue sky. My bike and I are both in a very good mood.
From Goteborg we follow the E45 direction north. On the ship I had visited the "Trucker's Lounge" and asked around about the best way to get north. Everybody agreed - E45 is best. At the moment there is no snow and anyway - even though the road is called "Express" - in the north I might meet a vehicle every 5 minutes only!

My first day brings me all the way up to "Lake Vanern". I take small side-roads that wind through the idyllic Swedish landscape. When I ask for water at a farmer's house, he tells me that this road has just been elected "Motorbike-road-of-the-year". That makes sense... I didn't see more motorbikers anywhere else in Sweden... (I think I saw all in all 5... :)
In the evening I am too lazy to set up camp, so I just sleep on the porch of this mission. Perfect.

For all those who thought that we Globetreters live off instant noodle soups: fresh vegetable soup!!!

After some days I decide to buy one of those reflective vests... everyone and everything here in Sweden wears them. Hikers, dogs, horses, moose... (just kidding). The truck drivers had told me so. And - it helps! Cars and trucks see you from far away, especially in the twilight which is very long during morning and evening hours. I feel very safe now. The light that I installed just before leaving Berlin works fine, too. Now i am ready for the winter.

And the truckers proved to be right again: No bloody vehicle for ever!!! everybody who is tired of the traffic in Berlin, New York, Paris or Sydney... move up here.

I am now in MORA on the E45. My luggage has settled: Living room in the back left, bedroom in the back right. Clothes and workshop in the front left and kitchen and bathroom in the front right.
everyday stuff and fresh food in the big pack behind the saddle.
It is pretty chilly in the mornings now. Today it is minus 5 (celsius) when i woke up. A truck driver called Mira (who slept on the same parking lot) brings me a cup of hot tea in the morning. Then he interviews me in front of his mobile phone to show me to his children.
Thank you Mira. And have a good trip!

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