25 October 2007

Leaving Germany

Ok, how to avoid cycling for two days in the rain? Catch a tonsillitis (Mandelentzuendung)!!! I was down for two days with fever and a swollen throat that reminded me pretty much of my days in China when i had do spend 10 days in hospital in Shanghai. Well... long story short - Penicilin works wonders. Plus lots of soup and hot tea makes a happy biker again after a couple of nights of good rest.

Thanks Micha and Michael!

Once I was on the road again, I went straight north and followed the Elbe-Luebeck-Kanal, a beautiful stretch always along the shipping channel. I slept on the shore of "Lake Ratzeburg" and woke up to a beautiful sunrise!

In Luebeck, I inquire about the ferries that leave from Kiel. Now that i had to spend two days in bed and should start again slow, taking the ferry from Kiel seems sensible. The ferry to Goteborg in Sweden leaves every day at 1930 (7:30pm). Hmmmm, if i ride pretty much normal speed, I should be able to catch it.
But normal speed on a normal road! The north Germans had simply modified the normal road and made it one of their super-high-speed-for-cyclists-forbidden-mega-autobahn. Luckily, they installed a bicycle path next to it but unluckily, the guy who had to build that bicycle path went home after leading the cyclists into the next forest and ending the path there.
Damn! If I follow the tourist-cycling-path passing all the sights, I will never ever arrive in Kiel.
I decide to go on the road. Honk, honk, honk. I calculated without the Germans! After one terrorizing hour, I leave the nice (and straight) road to Kiel and take the tourist-path.
But good enough: 15 minutes before the ferry leaves, I stand at the ticket counter and board the ship - bye bye Germany!

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