15 May 2008

Leaving Tromso

With a heavy heart I leave Tromso on the 2nd of May 2008 after a morning coffee (is there another place for coffee in Tromso than Verdenstheatret?) with my brother Jan and close friends.
In Kvaloya (about 20km outside the center of Tromso) I meet with Rene, another German who is travelling on a bicycle. (We met at a BBQ the evening before and he spontaneously decided to join me for a week or two.)
Together we start into new adventures. We plan to take a ferry to the next island called "Senja".
Helen (a colleague of Rene) will accompany us to he ferry on a daytrip and then head back to Tromso.

On Senja, Rene and I spend a couple of relaxing days fishing and taking it slow. The weather becomes stormy and it starts to rain. On the loose and mossy ground the pegs of my Tent don`t hold and I have to use my bicycle as an anchor :)

In Hastad, we are to lazy to pitch up the tents. So we just set up camps in a little wooden pavillion in the city center. That`s where the press gets wind of us...

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