28 May 2008

The way to Trondheim

After Bodo I follow the coastal route - lots of islands and lots of ferries. Sometimes the islands are so small that I ride for only two hours between two ferries. With a car you pass such an island in about 5 minutes... still on one of the islands I see a farmer bending over a the fire red hud of a real FERRARI! Too many short distance trips - I think he is fixing the engine.

I come to a place that I name "Halfpipe Hill" because it looks like a massive skateboard ramp. There are lots of tunnels here and I seriously dislike tunnels. So if possible I ride a detour on a small deserted road over the pass. Here I find a lake that is so still that it reallz looks like a mirror! I decide to stop and spend the afternoon paddling in a little boat that lies on the shore. There is nobody here who could mind me taking the boat. On the other hand there is also nobody here to help me if I sink. Oh, well...

The days down the coast are relaxing as you can see on the next picture. Midnight sun, mild temperatures and just beautiful nature.

Sometimes I don't feel like setting up camp - now it is daylight for 24hours anyway so it doesn't feel like it's night. After 10 hours on the road, I often just crash somewhere in the middle of nowhere, cook dinner, read a little and then sleep. A place might look a little shabby like on the first picture below. But then it might just be a matter of finding the right angle... you turn around and you have the most stunning lake right at your bedside :)

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  1. Anonymous03 June, 2008

    hehe it's Adrian here, hope you're doing well.. we finished our Saab road trip.. maybe you remember us, maybe not.. three funny guys, we played cards tgther during ferry ride!

    Hope you got my message about host in Trondheim and you/your bike are still on the way around the world? lets call it like this!

    Greetings from PL!