28 May 2008

Alpha and Omega - The place called "A" and "O"

I have to say it again: Lofoten is an incredible place! The nature is so stunning and when the sun shines it makes you want to forget the rest of the world.

The last town (or the first - depending on your way of seeing things) is a place called O. It is written A (with a little circle on top). Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end :)

I stay here for two days because it is the 17th of May - Norwegian national day - and there are no ferries running. There is a little plateau at the very end of A/O where i decide to pitch my tent.
The view is fascinating - the coastline of Norway spreads over the whole horizon and I also see the last little Islands of Lofoten that can only be reached by boat. Soon I have a friend - a seagull. It decides that mt tent offers interesting insights into human life plus a profitable output of breadcrumbs and oats. Every evening I go to bed saying "good night" to the little bird and when i open my tent in the morning I see it shrieking away from the sound of my Hilleberg-zipper.

On my free day I hike around A/O. Beautiful scenery, waterfalls, fresh water lakes, tiny fishing villages and snow on top of the mountains.

Then, I take the 4 hour ferry to Bodo on the mainland and continue riding the coast down south. The weather is so good that I just sleep in the open, my sleeping mat on some fluffy moss. I love it!

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