4 April 2008

Snowshoes, snowboards and snowstorms

Another fantastic thing about Tromso is the fact that it is surrounded with amazing mountains! Just behind the house is a nice hill for snowboarding and sometimes my brother Jan and I hike up there before work and enjoy a nice little wake-up-ride.

But today, my friend Laura and I go for a daytrip on Lille Blamann, an easy peak with a gorgeous view on Tromso and the Ocean (if you don't happen to get up there in the middle of a snowstorm).

We start with nice weather conditions in the afternoon. The trip takes about 3 hours. It gets dark around 6pm nowadays so we have plenty of time.
In the vicinity of the peak is a radio tower. When we reach it, the weather suddenly changes and the wind gets fresh. The sun disappears fast and it starts getting foggy and snowy. We decide to skip the rest of the way to the peak and rather enjoy the nice new snow on the way down.

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