25 April 2008

Frozen river trip - Reisaevla

In the north of Tromso is a big river called "Reisaelva" which is well known for its excellent salmon fishing. During the winter the river is frozen and my friend Ida, a couple of others and I take our huskies to explore the national park that surrounds the river.

We make almost 30km on the first day and arrive in a little cottage where we stay overnight. On day two we do a daytrip to the little "Arthur-Gamme" (cottage) that you see on one of the pictures. It is cold so we make a fire outside and grill sausages.

The view is splendid and the weather couldn't be better!

On day three we head back to where we came from, refreshed and relaxed and happy :) Weekends can be so wonderful without television and mobile phones!

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