16 July 2009

Suzin 1000

On the way from the 2250m high "Col d`Allos" into the Verdon valley we hit Susan`s first 1000 kilometer on this trip. Since we are in France, what is better to celebrate this event than a bottle of Champagne?

We stop at the roadside in a small forest and "Hurray (French: ´urray)!" goes the bubbly. With it goes our balance. After we drown the bottle we both decide that we better leave the bikes be bikes for the rest of the day. Conveniently, there is a beautiful camping spot right there in the forest (...I guess a bottle of booze might have the power to turn quite a large number of average camping spots into beautiful camping spots...).
After we set up camp and start feeling less dizzy we realize what a beautiful camping spot it really is: there is a wild roaring river with cristal clear glacier water right next to us and the whole forest is full of wild strawberries!!! We start loving the place so much that we stay for two days before we continue towards the grand canyon.
Wild strawberry milkshake - great!

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