16 July 2009

Apricot cake (or: the double boiler)

One day we decide to eat pancakes. Pancakes rock - they are sweat and easy to make, especially when one carries a hiker`s teflon pan (it`s just a standard household pan but with the handle sawn off... very recommendable :)
The downside of making pancakes: what do you do with the rest of a whole kilogramm of flour and sugar? Having had a double whammy of pancakes for breakfast (with self made plum jam from self picked plums on the roadside - yummy) one is less likely to eat another serving for dinner.
Pancakes won`t happen for a while.
Since we have a big bunch of apricots (also collected at the roadside) I decide to start a small experiment: "Is it possible to use my Primus fuel burner as an oven?" Using my biggest and smallest pot I create a double boiler. A butter-rich dough spiked with fresh apricot slices goes in. I try various variations for the lid: no lid, flat lid with holes, upside down teflon pan. The teflon pan works best!
After an hour of fiddling I`ve got a slightly soggy but coherent apricot cake on my plate. Success - long live the Primus double boiler!!!

(It also works great for Thai rice, Polenta and Spanish Tortilla. No burning at the bottom... let me know your recipies if you start your own experiments :)

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  1. Nice work man! :) That's the spirit! Greetings and love to both of you from Tromsø.