7 May 2009

Spaghetti - no! Tagliatelle.

Bologna. What woulld you do in Bologna. Especially around lunchtime? Spaghetti come to your mind?
We, the Germans think that every Italian munches away on Spaghetti Bolognese. We have restaurants specializing in Spaghetti Bolognese. All you get is Spaghetti Bolognese.
Yet, if you come to Bologna you will be crucified asking for these (...crucifying being somehow kind of a tradition down here in good old Italia...)
Here in Bologna I learned that the famous "Ragu Bolognese" is mostly eaten with Tagliatelle. NOT SPAGHETTI.

So off I go to Via dell' Independenza and find Diana, in the center of the city, a nice (posh) retaurant that offers nothing I usually ask for. Fancy decorations, luxury chairs, a huge wine cellar and waiters dressed in white. But - it does offer an excellent ragu.
I order just that and do in fact fancy a glass of red wine on the side. Problem is (the waiter with the massive belly all dressed in white explains to me) there are no "glasses" of wine. You take a bottle or you can maybe have a coke. But a "glass" of wine you can enjoy at "Tony's" down the road. Here it's a bottle or nothin'.
Well. I do fancy a glass. So what choice do I have? In any case, I wanted to make it all the way to Ravenna this afternoon. But then again, who's in a hurry? So, what the heck - bring on the bloody bottle!
Woah, I can only say that I enjoyed the ragu. With a mountain of Parmeggiano. And a bottle of vino rosso. Plus a cafe (Segafredo) in the end. Forget Ravenna for the afternoon. I might better just hang out here and have a gelato and another cafe!
prosit :)

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