9 May 2009

Piadina and Crescione

I guess by now most readers have figured out that I like to eat. Cycling and eating goes hand in hand. Well, luckily - cycling and burning lots of calories does go hand in hand, too. Now there are countries on our beautiful planet where eating doesn't really present much of a joy - Italy is not one of them. In every city, in every village, yet behind every street corner lurks a new way to make your mouth water. Here in Ravenna it is Piadina and Crescione time!

It might not seem like it but this little hut to the lower right makes some of the most delicious food on earth! It is my humble (subjective) opinion and who doesn't believe it should better join those who do believe it and then make their way to Ravenna and try this stuff!
Honestly, in our moment of joy my taste buds and I forgot to ask what the batter is made of but we all strongly believe it contains wheat flour, yeast, water and salt. Maybe olive oil. It doesn't matter anyway. The two ladies at the bottom know precisely what goes in there and more importantly how to fry and stuff the Piadina! I ask them to prepare for me what most people usually order and the two suggest a filling of prosciutto crudo, cotto cheese and ruccola salad.

Also on offer are Crescione, the little guys behind the glass window on the upper left. They look like a folded over calzone pizza and the one filled with salsiccia (minced meat, morzarella cheese, tomatoes) made my taste buds do a little dance of joy.
If you have never considered going to Ravenna because you think that mosaic sucks, then you might want to consider hanging around for this stuff! YUM YUM YUM.

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