14 November 2007

Finland blues

There isn't much to say about Finland here. The road from Karesuando to Kilpisjärvi is straight - very straight.
It is weekend so there are only a few cars and even less trucks...

North of the polar circle the sun only rises a few degrees over the horizon. It is basically always "blue hour" - all colors fade to blue. This strange light plus the emptiness and the monotony of the landscape create a very melancholy environment.

After the town of Kilpisjärvi I cross the border to Norway! After a snowy pass I now have to ride down a long descent into the Skibotn-Valley. Riding downhill proves very dangerous here. The road is in poor condition and extremely icy. There is plenty of ice everywhere in this valley! On the roadside where water runs down the rock it turns into beautiful shapes...

After 38km downhill I am exhausted and at the same time relieved to arrive in one piece at the bottom of the valley. Now I am just a dayride away from Tromso!

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