11 July 2012

blogging from an ipod sucks

hi all firstly there is never really any time to blog when you ride around the world hauling a baby, secondly blogger changed some setup stuff so embedding pictures suddenly is much harder and thirdly, using an ipod to do this is madness. so please excuse me until i find a real computer. this might take until mexico because here in the civilized world (smirk) there are no internet cafes because everyone is floating somewhere in 4G clouds. and since i rather use the 3 free minutes that i have every week to cut my toe nails it might just be a while. sorry for that. please keep checking in - there will be an update (it is already somewhere saved in the clouds, i just cannot get it into this ... (bleep) blogger thingy to share with y'all. until then we are on lake huron taking a dip in the cold water. the weather is great and the bikes ride well. aziz said his first aentnce yesterday which was: "i throw rock." and he now also nods "yes" when he means it. plus he loves swimming and splashing in any body of water, big or small. we met many wonderful people and life is good. so hope to see you all shortly. for now i am off to cut my toe nails...

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