24 January 2008

Verdenstheatret - World Theater

Verdenstheatret is not only a cafe where people pass by to snatch up a coffee to go... people come here to hang out, read newspapers, play a round of Chess or Backgammon and listen to vinyl-music. Jazz, blues or swing dominate during the daytime while evenings are usually filled with classic rock. On weekends the place is packed with party-people dancing to live-DJ-music; everything from electronic to reggae.

I work a lot in the night and usually finish around 4-5am. At the moment my days are kind of inversed: I get up around 2-3pm and have eggs-and-bacon for breakfast while others have their afternoon tea-break. Then I normally go to work around 6pm. After work I often read or watch a movie until 7am in the morning because my metabolism is just not ready for bed. It happened more than once that I greeted bemused customers with a cheerful "Good morning!" at 8pm... :)

On the pictures you see some details of Verdenstheatret plus me and my friend Charlotte working behind the bar. During January 2008 Tromso features TIFF - the biggest film festival in Norway. Being attached to a cinema the Verdenstheatret has a busy week with lots of parties, almost no sleep and lots of fantastic films!

My personal favorites:
Dry Season (Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, France/Chad 2006),
The Band's Visit (Eran Kolirin, Israel/France/USA 2007),
Full Metal Village (Sung-Hyung Cho, Germany 2006),
Little Moth (Peng Tao, China 2007),
No Country For Old Men (Ethan & Joel Cohen, USA 2007).


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  1. Ich würd ja zu gern einen Kaffee bei Dir trinken kommen.

    Gruss aus der Schweiz