31 December 2007


Again, an old year ends and a new year begins... just as I write this I can see from the livingroom window how a massive green northern light spans over the whole sky all the way from west to east or east to west (up to you). Beautiful and mysterious - its particles move with the solar wind and so its shape changes in waves. At times fast, at times slow - just as our lifes do. New Year's Eve - for many of us a time for wishes, a time for changes.

For me? Quit smoking? More work-out? Spend less money on shoes? Hell, I wouldn't say that I am momentarily wishing for a lot of changes.

My bike soon needs a new chain, though.

If everything goes ok, I should see a large bit of Europe during this year 2008 and then find myself somewhere in Middle America or Brasil by the end of it. I hope to see quite some of you folks on my zig-zag-way there.

I wish you all the best, joy, luck, love. And your secrets kept secret. 2008 is the year of honesty. Don't tell a lie to anybody. But, hey - also beware to not ask a question when you're not ready for the honest answer.

If you get bored in the course of the year, here are a couple of books that I read and recommend to read. Some of them are written in German - my apologies no the non-German-speakers. As a replacement you might want to read the fantastic book by Mark Twain: "The awful German language".

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  1. Yes man!

    great to see you reading books - sems like relaxation!!!
    Tim, thanks for your offer to ride with you. This year the attempt to qualify for hawaii - if not: be on guard of me behind you somewehre sometime....;)

    the best for you,
    Marco iron-alt-mann